Ready For Take Off

FINALLY, the day has come!

Mentally telling yourself to breathe is always a good sign that things are about to be seriously shaken up in your life. Today is the perfect example of this. Our adventure is about to begin and I am more than a little overwhelmed with mixed emotions, excitement, nervousness and anxiety…. or maybe that’s just my urge to do a nervous wee.

After the hectic week that has lead up to today, my relationship with caffeine has climbed to a whole new level. In fact I’m not even ashamed to say I was having up to three brews a day just to function like a semi normal human being.


Starting the week with pre wedding essentials, perfectly bronzed legs and fresh nails, I felt confident and delusional in the thought that I had a good handle on things. But with a slew of pre-voyage parties, moving house, my sisters wedding, a to-do list longer than the great wall of china and a bunch of emotional goodbyes all squeezed into one week, even a fresh layer of ‘prostitute red’ shellac wasn’t going to help me.

Where to begin….

Somehow we had the clever idea to end our lease and move out of our house a week and a half before our flight. So basically leaving us to fend from our families’ for a place to stay for a whole week. But naturally, we though, if we are going to clean the house anyway we may as well get it dirty one last time for our going away party. I think the results speak for themselves…


What followed was a 3 day bond clean from hell, enlisting the help of numerous friends and family. Can not thank you all enough!

Next up on the list, I had to plan and orchestrate the best Hens day/night in the history of Hen’s for my beautiful sister and on an off day of boozing and catching up with the gathering family prior to the big day. I also had to manage to find time to write my maid of honour speech, which of course had to insure that there would not be a single dry eye in the house. I’m pretty sure I nailed it by the way!


Then of course there was the wedding itself. The perfect opportunity to catch up with all the family before leaving and to celebrate. The day was one hundred times more beautiful than any of us could have possibly envisioned, especially the bride herself.


And lastly, packing. Packing, re-packing and more packing. I probably unpacked and repacked my bag over 30 times trying to find the perfect balance between essential items and my desire to be able to stand upright without falling over backwards from too much weight.


All this and so much more was jammed into one of the craziest, emotional rollercoaster weeks of my life. Still sitting here now with only a few hours left until we take of and still some items on the to do list, I must say I do regret not having planned things a little better. So some words of wisdom or advice to those thinking of embarking on a similar trip to ours.

Do NOT stuff every last thing into the last week before you leave. Its just fucking stupid! I’m a professional procrastinator at the best of times but even this was a new level of stupidity for me.

But at long last, after months of planning and waiting and stressing, and one fucking long week we are ready to take off and start our adventure.

Catch ya later, Australia!

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