One-Way Tickets To Europe


One-Way tickets are a hot topic when it comes to travel. Everywhere you go and everyone you talk to tells you that buying a one-way ticket is risky business. Horror stories of people who have had to buy onward plane tickets on the spot or have had to simply get on the very next flight home regardless of the extortionate price circulate continuously!

But the truth is, its really not that bad as long as your well prepared! Which is why when we bought a one-way ticket to Europe, we made sure to take all the necessary steps to avoid interrogation, or worse….deportation. This is what we did and what you might need to know!

Departure Documents

Funny enough, leaving Australia was probably the only place where we were actually questioned about our one-way ticket and even then it was more the check-in hostess just checking up or should I say “refreshing” herself on the entry requirements for Europe. Which basically say, in a nut shell, that there is no reason why you can not enter if you have enough relevant documents to support your trip.

Documents they are referring to include a recent bank statement to prove that prior to leaving the country you have the necessary funds to support your travel plans and escapades, a copy of any onward flights, a copy of your itinerary and/or copies of any pre-booked accommodation etc.

We recommend to have at least two of these documents, especially some form of evidence of spending to support your travel, this one is a biggie!


We landed in the UK which wasn’t too stressful as we had an outward flight to Spain in three days time, so boarder security was pretty cruzy. All we needed to tell them was where we planned to stay for the three nights in London and that was that. However, we were concerned our next one-way flight, from London to Spain would be a little trickier as we had no onward flights booked after that.

One-way into (excluding UK) Europe

We flew into Bilbao, arriving around 11pm. We had our passports out and all our documents ready to go for what could possibly be an interrogation of sorts only to realise that the gentleman who just stamped our passports without even saying as much as ‘hola’ was in fact boarder security and that was us done. We were in without even so much as an awkward side glance from behind our passport to see if we still look the same as our hideous adolescent photos.

So we picked up our bags and walked out of the airport and onto the streets of Bilbao. Maybe it was good fortune, maybe we were the exception to the myths, maybe it was because of the time of the flight or maybe it was the fact the immigration officer obviously missed his afternoon siesta, but we were free and ready to see what Spain had to offer and proving that one-way tickets aren’t such a bad idea after all!

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