London Reunion

We all have that one special friend, a best friend, a sister, someone you could never fall out with. The type of friend that you call their parents yours. Who’s house you can let yourself into and even have a meal with their parents while they aren’t home only to have no food left for them when they do get home. My special friend is Kate, she is my sister from another Mr, my best friend and drinking amigo. I haven’t seen Kate for almost 4 years since my last mini Eurotrip with her in winter of 2012. So arriving into London airport to her and her mum waiting at the arrivals gate was the best! I legit could not stop smiling, and forgot entirely about Dave and introducing him to Kate’s mum.

It was a typical London day outside, cold and overcast. Apparently that was ‘our’ fault though because it had been sunny every other day before we arrived. After the standard house tour and setting our bags down we desperately needed to stretch our legs so we went for a walk along the thames. The whole time I was fiercly searching for a toilet to wee, even considering the bush. Luckily I eventually found the local row club to sneak into!

Oddly enough, we were both doing really well at this stage with the jet lag, but decided to head back to the house incase we suddenly went down hill quick, which is exactly what happened. Kate’s mum made us an amazing home made lasagna, it was to die for. But I could feel myself slowly nodding off during the meal. So while everyone else watched the latest episode of Game of Thrones, I went to bed. Must have been around 9pm, not too shabby.


Day 2:

Our China layover scheme seemed to have payed off well, with both of us sleeping all night long no worries at all. Waking up at around 5am though, we had the brilliantly retarded idea of going for a run and doing a park workout in the freezing cold. As you can probably imagine this was a horrid idea and just made us both realise how unfit we had become over the last few weeks off the gym. The air literally burnt my throat, and I will for sure get sick from this. Bloody idiots!

We went into London today with Kate and her dad, Phil. We saw all the sights, the second time for me, but the first time for Dave so it was nice to see his reaction. I had the brilliant idea to get a photo in front of the prime ministers house but realized that’s not so easy, I’m sure you can understand why. Accidentally walked right past Buckingham Palace at precisely the right time to watch the changing of the guard, never in my life have I seen horses that big! The best part was watching them gallop down the main road among the traffic afterwards, like it was completely normal. Shit everywhere! Carrying on, we stopped to take the typical red telephone box photo, it had to be done. Then made our way to a small subway-style miniature pub for a traditional steak and stout pie with mash potato, only to have the awkward realisation that this may be the best pie’s we have ever eaten…ever! Sorry Australia, these guys know what they are doing! Eventually we decided to head home, eat and drink some more and head to bed, before another huge day tomorrow.

Me, Dave, Phil & Kate at the Big Ben
Me, Dave, Phil & Kate at the Big Ben

Day 3:

Today is my last day to catch up with Kate. So we headed to Richmond first in West London to see King Henry the 8th palace. There were stunning rose gardens surrounding the entire grounds of the palace, the smell was marvellous! After exploring the grounds we got back in the car and headed to Richmond Deer Park to see some wildlife. Unfortunately for us though, the closest thing we saw to a deer was an aggresively horney duck, which was probably more entertaining!

At last the time has come though for us to say our goodbyes, and officially start our Eurotrip. First stop, Bilbao, Spain. Yahtzee!

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