How It All Started?

After years and years of letting life get in the way, several arguments with each other and two uni degrees later we have finally decided its now or never!

We have both always wanted to travel abroad and yeah, we have both done the occasional 3-4 week holiday but never an indefinite unplanned adventure. For me personally, I always imagined I would finish high school, take a gap year and go fucking crazy!

That never happened, which was probably a good thing really.

So the next plan was to finish my 3 years at uni and then do a gap year. Again, life rearer it annoying little head and that plan flopped too. So after 3 years of working full time as a nurse, all the while Dave was finishing his degree and had worked for almost a year as an Engineer, we decided now was the perfect time to do it!

We knew we wanted to start in Europe around May/June right at the start of summer, the only catch was we needed to leave after my sister’s wedding on May 28th.

So of course we did the most logical thing and bought a impromptu ONE-WAY, cheap as chips ticket to London-town for the 1st of June….4 days later!

And that was that, the countdown had begun and we were onto planning our trip.

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