Hell-O Mile High Club

Just kiddingggg, but if you clicked on this post in the hopes of getting some dirty deets your obviously my kind of friend. It’s not to say that sex on a plane isn’t on my bucket list, but when you are seated in too close a proximity to rancid toilets on not one but both your long haul flights there is something not so appealing about the idea anymore. Which is something coming from a nurse, we can basically eat a meal and talk about any topic from literal shit to fungating wounds without even flinching one iota. But that’s a whole other topic, back to the important stuff.


We flew with China Southern despite having never flown with them before, but we had heard great things and decided to go with them for the price.

Both the planes were pretty standard, comfortable, nice staff, reasonable food and aside from the toilets, nice and clean. Our one-way ticket from Brisbane to London was a steel at only $750 AUD. The only slight catch was the 16 hour stop over in Guangzhou. So in total the trip would be approximately a 36-hour transit.

Yeah, I know, it sounds pretty rough! But honestly, we were in no hurry and for the price we thought it would be worth it.  I can gladly, it was 100% a great decision and the 16 hour stopover kept our body clocks from spiralling out of control.

Check out my post “An Interesting Stopover in China” for more details.

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