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Hello and welcome to the travel and lifestyle blog created by a 20-something year old Aussie gal! Born and raised in the land down under, my home town is on the Sunshine Coast. However, in 2016 I decided to sell all of my material possessions, book a one-way flight and spend the foreseeable future galivanting across the globe. Leaving my humble little town to embark in a lifestyle dedicated to travelling and seeing the world!

So what is All Things Wanderlust?

Ever since my first trips overseas, I have had the ‘travel bug’, an insatiable desire, a serious case of wanderlust! Every trip since, I have kept a journal to store all of my memories, shenanigans and epic adventures in that I have embarked on.

But this time I decided to go one step further, digital!

All Things Wanderlust

All Things Wanderlust started with the help of my wee little Scottish friend, Dannie, a designer who lived with me in Australia on her travels (Check her out at www.iwantanawesome.com)

I wanted to create a blog for a few reasons;

1. It’s easier and quicker than handwriting everything,

2. To keep friends, family and the ever worry-some mother informed of my whereabouts at all times, and

3. To maybe….just maybe, give  insight, inspiration and helpful information to fellow travellers, through what I have gained during my endeavours.

A place where solo travellers, couples, budget backpackers, adventure travellers, you name em’, can get the inside goss.

All Things from mistakes to avoid, secret locations, local culture, places off the beaten track, real life honest tips, tricks, information and inspiration on travel destinations and maybe even a laugh too!

About Me


        Brittany – Travel Writer & Photographer

A 26yr old female traveller from Australia. Registered Nurse by profession, traveller by choice. Currently living in London and exploring any chance that arrises! Coffee snob or enthusiast some would say, I love to try all things cuisine related, being outdoors and trying new adventurous sports and exploring different cultures and meeting interesting people!

So welcome, I hope you find what you are looking for and if not at least you can enjoy reading and watching an Aussie gal stumbling her way across the globe!

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