3 Weeks Till Takeoff….FUCK!


So I have a countdown on my phone that I look at every day, despite knowing exactly how many days we have before we fly out, stupid I know. I guess it is just a way to keep myself sane during these last few weeks of absolute mayhem. But today I freaked the fuck out because we now only have 19 days till we leave, we have officially made it to under the 20-day mark!

In the next three weeks I have to find a travel bag, pack it and unpack it, decide what to pack, pack up all of my belongings and move out of my house, bond clean thus mentioned house, organise a dick-tacular hens party for my sister, get ready for her wedding which by the way is only 4 days before we leave, throw numerous alcohol fuelled leaving parties….of course and basically pack my entire life up into a bag (when I find one) and say  my goodbyes to everyone! Eeeek!

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