2017: A Wander-Full Year Ahead

Just two days into 2017 and we are already boarding a long haul flight from freezing cold London to the sweltering heat of Panama City!

Just one of five flights already booked for the new year, its fair enough to say that 2017 is off to a great start for us! But the fun doesn’t end there, as this year is shaping up to be our biggest yet!


So what does 2017 have in store for All Things Wanderlust?

>> First of all, after a few chilly months traveling around the UK, our first adventure of the new year is a 3-month long trip to defrost in balmy Central America. We wont be alone though, with four of our pale (they will kill me when they read that!) friends from the UK joining us.

The Gang

The plan: basically to get tanned, surf, de-chub after Christmas with an all rice and bean diet, try not to get robbed and see a sloth or two. Starting in Panama and working our way up the ‘Gringo Trail’ to Guatemala and seeing everything in between.

San Blas Islands

>> Next up will be a quick 2-month visit back home to our beloved Australia for a well overdue reunion with family and friends. Spending time soaking up the sunshine and drinking while we wait for our Visa to the UK and organise moving abroad! Eeek!


>> Heading into the second half of the year, will see us moving to the other side of the globe! Fingers crossed our visa’s will be approved……seeing as our flights are already booked. Our home and travel hub for the then foreseeable future being the illustrious London-town!


>> Making the most from there of the European summer, the plan will be multiple trips wherever a cheap Ryan-air flight will take us. Including a visit to Dublin to meet more Aussie friends, a week sailing through Croatia and who knows where else!


>>Lastly, 2017 has one more sneaky little surprise in stall for us, but to find out what that one is you will just have to wait and keep an eye out or subscribe to be the first to know!

So there you have it! Its definitely going to be a huge year for All Things Wanderlust and we can’t wait to share it all and more with you! Stay classy!


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4 thoughts on “2017: A Wander-Full Year Ahead

  1. Arghhhh your killing me!! I hate surprises sounds like an amazing plan! Cant wait to see you when you get back, until then keep having a blast kiddo xx

  2. Sounds likes 2017 is a big year for you guys,can’t wait for you to move to London maybe I might have to come and visit.Have flown Ryan air before you are in for the ride of your life lol,have fun in Central America and stay safe lots of love Aunty Karen xx

    1. Yes, definitely come visit! We would love it 🙂 Yep Ryanair is interesting but super cheap, so will get us where we need to go. Miss you guys xx

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