1 Month, 3 Countries & 20 Bed Bug Bites Later

It’s officially been a month already, how crazy is that?

Actually, seeing as I’ve been fucking around, its now been two months!  As a newbie at this ‘blogging’ thing I have been reading and re-reading my posts, scrutinising every last detail trying to decide if they are worthy of a place in the  illustrious online world of blogging.

When I came to the realisation, that honestly, I give zero fucks! Coming to the blissful conclusion that my #No. 1 fan currently, is more than likely my mum (what a ledge). The majority of anyone else reading this are likely friends or relatives. Or optimistically, someone who accidentally stumbled onto the page while searching for porn and typing ‘thrust’ instead of ‘lust’ only to find my blog more arousing. Regardless, I’m a determined little vegemite happily typing away for anyone who cares to read about my escapes.


So what’s been happening?

People always say “time flies when your having fun” but I had no idea it would go by THAT quickly! What a jam packed month it has been, and already we are exhausted. Starting in freezing cold London and moving every few days, mainly through Spain and Portugal, we found ourselves needing a holiday within our holiday. Just a few days to relax, reset and catch up on my poorly neglected blog before we got back into our fast-paced travelling, that was the idea anyway.

Morocco was calling us and I nearly had to change my knickers at the prospect of sipping cheap cocktails by a pool and living like a king for a few days. One small problem with that though, alcohol is a no-no in Morocco and what little you can find you will pay a kidney for on the black market. Of course, the option to stock up at duty free had already passed, we carried on, our livers thankful after the weekend we had just had in Lisbon. But more about that particularly boozy and unlady-like night another time, back to our holiday, within a holiday in Marrakech, Morocco.

From hot chocolates in London..
From heart and hand warming coffee’s…
To the sweltering heat of the Sahara
….To the sweltering heat of the Sahara

A Month of Firsts….

Morocco was our maiden hostel experience on this trip and sadly the first place we had the thrilling opportunity to experience bed bugs for the first time. An indescribably irritating itch covering our entire bodies…and I mean, everywhere! Nether the less, we can both now say we see the appeal in hostels, and no its not the beg bugs or the uncomfortable mattresses, surprise, surprise! But rather the people you meet.

Over the past month we have come to realise that the best part of travelling truly is meeting new and exciting people everyday. Really, thats what travelling is all about! Listening to each others adventures, travel experiences and recommendations and becoming more excited than a fat kid in a candy store at all the places you still have/want to go.

It has now become the norm for us to eavesdrop fellow travellers conversation to try and distinguish if they are speaking english. Then after a few hours of chatting away blissfully to said complete stranger (not so much a stranger anymore), you realise you don’t even know each others names. Instead, referring to each other all night by nationalities, “Oi Brits, Germans, Spaniards, Canadians”.  Never are there any awkward social silences or lack of conversation when you meet fellow travellers, because the questions are always infinitely about travel. “How long are you here for?”, “What are you doing here?”, “Where do you go next?”, “How long are you travelling for?” the list could go on and on, the 101 of conversation starters with other travellers. Forever, we will look back at our maiden hostel experience and the incredible friends we have made, grateful for our stay, bed bugs and all!

The Morocco Dessert Sahara Crew
The Morocco Dessert Sahara Crew

But I bet your thinking…if hostels are so amazing, why had we only just stayed in one for the first time, nearly a month into the trip, right?

Basically it comes down to money. At the one month mark of our trip we could happily say we were on or just under our budget, which is mainly thanks to staying at Airbnb’s. As a couple, to stay in a private room with access to the entire apartment including kitchen for cooking, free washing facilities and good wifi (or ‘whiffey’ as the europeans call it), for the same price if not much less than to stay in a 16 bed mixed dormitory….. the choice is pretty easy to make.

But as great as Airbnb had been for us, it did limit our abilities to meet new people and who really wants that when your travelling.  Plus you start to get sick of only talking to your significant other all day long after a few weeks, like “How was your day babe?”…..”Same as yours”…..end of conversation.

Well maybe not that extreme, but you get the idea. And as much as we have loved staying in private rooms in Airbnb’s and mainly because as a couple, hostel dorm rooms can be a little tricky with the bathrooms being very limiting for activities, if you know what I mean…..

So now, given the option, if a cheap hostel pops up we will 100% take it, purely and simply to meet new people.

Otherwise, accommodation wise we think we are slowly getting the hang of it, finally! At first decision making, navigating transport options, timetables and accommodation options were all a little overwhelming. Especially, just knowing what day it is or even the date. Thankfully though we have gained the upper hand on our initial travel-retardation and are now booking our exploits a few weeks in advance like pro’s.

Equity Point Hostel - Marrakech
Equity Point Hostel – Marrakech


That was until we decided to completely turn our itinerary upside down, inside out and reversed the shit out of the damn thing. The reason lying in these three simple little words…….July. August. September.

The high season of summer in Europe, sure we knew those were the months and we knew it would be a little more expensive. But what we neglected to realise was, that perhaps the most extortionate countries to be in were France and Italy, the caviar of Europe! Guess where we were supposed to be in July and August….yep, France and Italy. So with this in mind we radically changed our plans and decide to take advantage of the economy-poor Greece and the whole of Eastern Europe and get the fuck out of there. Booking a flight directly from our last stop in Spain, Barcelona, directly to Athens.

Hopefully we don’t miss our flight though, as Dave seems to do so frequently without me around or due to the fact that we both seem to be oblivious to days of the week or even dates since arriving in Europe. Every night is now a Saturday night, there is no such thing in our travel-bubble life as TGIF, Hump Day, Monday-itis or Fri-yay. Which is probably why it has taken me so long to write this blog post while I sip away at my 1€ litre of Sangria. #drinkdrankdrunk

Rooftop drinks in Lagos
Rooftop drinks in Lagos

So where does that leave us?

Unfortunately, as I said above, I’m afraid I have been neglecting my blog a little. That and my fitness are both suffering terribly right now and the number of ‘fat days’ are becoming more and more frequent (ladies, you know what I’m talking about).

So I’ve decided to stop being so slack, kick my ass into gear and start working towards finding that perfect ‘travel-balanced lifestyle’, if it exists! If if doesn’t, someone please for the love of god let me know before I keel over and die from doing squats in 35 degree heat.

Otherwise, for now I’ve got my not so legally acquired copies of the Kayla Itsines workouts (thanks Dannie 😉 )  I’m making sure to blog at any given chance before I forget what ridiculously stupid thing I have just done. And hopefully, with any luck, I’ll be posting blogs more frequently than Kylie Jenner posts insta pics, have magically lost 5kg and be a tanned goddess before the Greek Islands next week!

Wish me luck!

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3 thoughts on “1 Month, 3 Countries & 20 Bed Bug Bites Later

  1. Just sat here in Bali enjoying a Bintang and laughing at your blog . Thanks Brit ( know what you mean about the fat days !!) Have fun and keep posting . Tamzin xx

  2. Love your blog Brit – sounds like an amazing adventure! Drink up the cheap cocktails and enjoy cause you’ll be home before you know it xxx Lauren ( from Noosa Heads Pharmacy days….hehe)

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